Photo: Charlie Gardner

Photo: Charlie Gardner


About me

Photography played an important part in my working life as a graphic designer: either buying it, commissioning it or setting up and art-directing shoots. But I was a frustrated photographer then – it was never my own work.

So in 2005, I took out my trusty old 35mm Nikon FE (purchased in 1979) and started taking photographs seriously. I set myself the same parameters that I still hold dear today: that I would only shoot on film, only in black and white, and that all my images would include a human content.

At first I could only ‘ape’ my heroes – Brandt, Ray-Jones and Cartier-Bresson. But as time passed and my composition and darkroom skills improved, I have developed my own style.

Photographically, I’m (mostly) on the streets looking around for the unusual… the quirky but, of course, I always include the human element.
The scene needs to work in monochrome… and the more graphic the better.  Nothing is guaranteed until I see the processed negatives and as I’m using film and printing in a darkroom, I cannot rely on ‘digitally re-arranging’ it all afterwards using Photoshop!

I initially produced candid shots taken on the streets but I now concentrate on large projects. My first three projects have all resulted in exhibitions.... in 2011 CityShapes with over 20 images, and in 2014 Under Glass – The Passages of Paris. For Under Glass, I was extremely fortunate to have an exhibition in central Paris for a month showing nearly 40 photographs. My third project, Under Tracks,  a celebration of the Railway Arches in London, was shown at The Underdog Gallery in London Bridge in June 2017. I displayed 96 framed photographs.

Ted Kinsey lives in Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire, near London.