I use only 2 cameras ...

  • A 35mm Nikon FE SLR produced in 1979-84. I'm currently using my third and fourth bodies.
    I use just two lenses. A Micro-Nikkor 1:3.5 28mm and a 55mm 1:2.8 Nikkor.
  • I also use a 20 year-old medium format Pentax 67. For this camera I have two lenses. A Takumar 55mm and a 135mm macro lens.
  • I shoot on Ilford HP5 400ASA and for those dark corners, Ilford Delta 3200ASA film. For the Pentax 67, the above films in 120 format.
  • At present, all my films are processed by Peak Imaging in Sheffield.

In my darkroom I have the following equipment.

  • A Meopta Magnifax 4 enlarger with built-in filters.
  • Two enlarging easels.
    For work up to 16x12 inches: a French Ahel Marge 4; and for 20x16 inch prints: an RR Beard.
  • I begin by producing a 'digital contact sheet'. I scan the negatives on my Epson Perfection V500 Photo Scanner and place the frames into a contact sheet format. After assessing the negatives on a light-box, I then digitally print a chosen frame at A5 size before I go into the darkroom. This allows me to see areas of the image that will need dodging and burning, and saves time once in the darkroom.
  • I print on 16x12ins or 20x16ins Ilford Classic fibre-based glossy paper.
  • After superficial drying on a 'washing line', the prints are then flattened between stiff blotting paper in my Ademco 1620 Dry Mounting press (cold).
  • All my images are then dry mounted onto a backing board using the Ademco Dry Mounting press (hot).
  • My window mounts are Colourmount Black-core Chalk White board,  and cut using a FrameCo Mat Master mount cutter.