The demise of an old friend...

Since I started serious photography in 2006, I’ve used my all-black Nikon FE, which I purchased in 1979.

Last September, the tripod it was fixed to (for a shoot on my City Shapes project) toppled – the camera hit the ground and bent the prism housing slightly. Since then the shutter has jammed occasionally, but on the recent roll of HP5 shot in Provence, it jammed maybe six or seven times.

So that’s it: my trusty friend of 35 years is not so trusty, anymore; sadly, now destined for the “spares” box.

I’ve always kept a back-up FE, an “excellent condition” body  from Grays of Westminster, which I shall be using on my next day-trip to Paris, in August.

RIP  my Nikon FE...

RIP my Nikon FE...


In the Footsteps of Doisneau...


Spent some time reading my Robert Doisneau book about his experiences photographing the Passages from 1975–1980. He said:

“In this aquarium of light, all of these people were preserved as if under glass ...”  and “The magical side of things is invisible for people who are in a hurry, more interested in mechanical things.”

My aim is to capture the ‘magical side of things’ in the Passages, albeit in the 21st century. There is too much to look at for me to be in a hurry – using my 1979 camera!

To think that I bought my Nikon FE that I still use, when Doisneau was shooting his project.

Hotel Chopin, Passage Jouffroy . Robert Doisneau, 1976.

Hotel Chopin, Passage Jouffroy. Robert Doisneau, 1976.