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I shoot only on film…only in black and white…and all my images have to include a human content. And, of course, I print in a darkroom.

Defense de Fumer!

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Under Glass

As a street photographer taking candid pictures, I’ve been well aware of the French privacy laws during my visits to Paris for my Under Glass project.

In brief, the law states that if a person is the “principal feature” in a photograph, then permission must be sought from that person before taking it. For me, this makes candid photography almost impossible.

I have one excellent image, taken in August, of a young woman enjoying a cigarette break that I’ve been pondering upon regarding the privacy laws. I’ve now decided that I simply can’t afford to risk hanging it in my exhibition.

So here I am – one picture short of an exhibition. And here it is – suitably stubbed out!