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I shoot only on film…only in black and white…and all my images have to include a human content. And, of course, I print in a darkroom.

Has the Roll of Film Ended…?*

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Under Glass

It certainly has if you use Fuji Neopan 1600 ASA!

If you shoot on film, you buy it in bulk and store it in the freezer.

On my Paris trips to the Passages, I take two Nikon FEs: one loaded with 400 ASA for the “normal” lighting shots, and one loaded with Fuji Neopan 1600 ASA (a faster film) for those dark corners.

Just before my trip to Paris last Thursday, I took out a roll of Neopan from the fridge, then went to the freezer to replenish the fridge. Just two rolls left in the freezer, so I had better order some more…. Shock Horror. None to be found anywhere on the internet – it’s been discontinued!

It is probably three years since I bought 20 or so rolls of Neopan 1600, and somewhere down the line I’ve missed the announcement of its demise.

And worst still. There is not another 1600 ASA film now in production. Either 400 ASA or jump all the way to Ilford Delta 3200 ASA. In future I’m going to have to shoot on 3200, stop down a couple of stops on my camera, then compensate for this when the film is developed. I foresee a few trial rolls being shot and developed until the right result is achieved!

*See my blog, July 06 for comparison…