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I shoot only on film…only in black and white…and all my images have to include a human content. And, of course, I print in a darkroom.

Food, Glorious Food!

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Under Tracks

Last November, I visited the arches to the north of South Bermondsey and became aware of an expanding stretch of “foodie” arches that traded on Saturdays… Time for a revisit?

Dynamic Vines in the old Spa Station arches was the first stop. I had pre-visualised the shot here, and Laura and one of her customers, Guillaume, were happy to sample a wine or two with me clicking the shutter. A great shot that I’m particularly pleased with. Next, to the Ice Cream Union. Again a positive response and a fine image captured as Sara offered us a free cornet (yummy!) for being involved. Thanks Sara.

At the Dockley Road arches, the customers and tourists were plentiful on this sunny Saturday morning. I’m constantly aware that I have to vary my photographs, and Jonah and Chun were willing to chat away with their heads appearing behind a graphic display of Kernel Brewery bottles. Just next door, a big queue –“Wait here to be served” – at The Ham and Cheese Company. I lurked until the composition looked just right… Click! Another candid shot taken adjacent at Crown & Queue who sell cured and prepared meats. Then to The London Honey Company where Charlie was not happy at me recording his display of honey jars until he had re-arranged it all! We learnt a lot here about how their different honeys are sourced. A great stretch of arches and some superb scenes captured.

Next to familiar territory as we walk along Enid Street… and find another new micro-brewery. The punters were outside enjoying a beer in the sunshine at BB№ (Brew By Numbers). Again, candid shots here worked best.

Then a surprise revisit to Scooterworks. Their café has only been open a few weeks, in the adjacent arch to where all the scooters are sold and repaired. I knew immediately that this café was going to make a great photo location, and the two young lads serving, Kyle and Vicente, beavered away whilst I reeled off a few frames using the Pentax 67 on the tripod.

Then on to Druid Street, which was busy as it was lunchtime and the foodie and brewery outlets were thronging. At Ropewalk we lunched in the arches at the St. JOHN Restaurant. I’ve mentioned previously the need to vary my shots, and here was another opportunity. I asked the maître d’ if he and the two waitresses would pose under their chalkboard menu. Jose agreed, and Lucy and Rosie joined him. A lovely atmospheric shot that adds the visual breadth that this project requires.