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I shoot only on film…only in black and white…and all my images have to include a human content. And, of course, I print in a darkroom.

South-east to Nunhead

by | Feb 12, 2017 | Under Tracks

Another visual omission from Under Tracks is a garden centre. My internet research of London SE15 reveals one such business near Nunhead Station, so that is where we start today.

Peter at The Nunhead Gardener stands in his leafy surroundings as I click the shutter. He tells me his little arches were once part of the original Nunhead Station, which is now located across the road.

At Peckham Queens Road, we meet Simon carefully polishing a Lotus car. No, it’s not another auto business… Heist Vintage and Antique renovate and restore model cars for small children – the type that a child would pedal along on the pavement. They are beautiful examples which I’m only too happy to photograph.